Chapter 7. Choosing a craft

When Elfo was at the fair, he drew attention to the fairy house of Justa and even wanted to visit it, but then someone distracted him and he forgot to do it. Imagine his surprise when, after several hours of travel from the possessions of the fairy Noble, he saw exactly the same small, but the same beautiful palace! It looked like someone just enlarged it several times.

And Elfo was amazed at how many elves were moving across the square in front of the palace. Many of them were heading to a nearby building with a sign on which the word Danko was written in large but neat letters.

All this was very curious and Elfo hurried to the main entrance to the palace. At the very door stood two huge guards who blocked the path with their pikes as soon as Elfo approached the entrance.

– Show your seal, wanderer! – one of them said in a menacing voice.

Elfo was at a loss and was about to turn back, as from somewhere above, from the balcony, a ringing voice rang out.

– Pass it on, it’s for me. Come in, Elfo. Take the stairs noon, I’ll meet you.

Elfo went inside and looked around. Inside, there was also a fairly large movement of the elves in all directions and he was very surprised that the fairy Just noticed him and invited him to go inside.

– Where do you know me from? – this was the first question that Elfo asked the fairy Justa, who looked more like a student of an elf school than a fairy. Justa, invited him to sit down, then straightened her glasses and explained.

– Ia it a surprise? I saw you at the fair, but you were so busy that you didn’t even find a minute to visit me. Well at least now you finally got here. Do you have something to do with me or are you just traveling?

– I’m just traveling. And what could be the matter with you? How can you help me, Fairy Justa?

– Oh, I can solve many important issues for you. For example, I can confirm your skill if you have already started to fulfill orders for Danko’s house or issue a Quality Seal to your trading company. Have you already made your choice? What do you want to become, what craft to choose?

– I don’t know yet, I’m just traveling, going towards the Golden Staircase and looking at what’s interesting around.

Well, then go to Danko’s house, you will be interested, there you will see many masters from all over Elven Land. I’m sure you will like it.

Elfo thanked Justa for the story, left the palace and headed towards Danko. There he really saw many elves, wearing different costumes, belonging to various guilds and clans.

In the house next to Danko there was another beautiful building, on which there was a sign with big letters “Help” and small letters “we will help everyone who needs”, but Elfo did not go there, as he himself would need help now. However, to the surprise of the young traveler, he did not have any special problems on the road, although he remembered well about Fiato.

Everything around was very surprising and interesting, but he had to keep going. Elfo walked a little more around the square, looked at his guidebook and went out onto the road which led to the castle of the fairy Utila.

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