Chapter 8. An important tip

The places here were very beautiful with magnificent landscapes. Behind almost every hill was a small lake or pond in which ducks and swans swam. Watching them, Elfo did not immediately notice the outline of the castle behind the tall and branchy trees.

Closer to the castle, the road widened, and not far from the entrance to the estate of the fairy Utila, all travelers could see a large poster with a detailed map.

Nearby, the gardener watered a flowerbed with beautiful flowers and Elfo greeted politely and asked him about where you can see the fairy Utila. The gardener replied to the greeting, stopped watering the flowers, turned and willingly told how to do it better.

– At this time of day, the fairy Utila and elf Young usually walk near the Big Pond and feed the ducks. Therefore, it is better not to go to the castle, you will simply waste your time, young elf. Go straight to the Big Pond, over there, you will find everyone there. Good luck!

Elfo quickly found the right place, but did not immediately realize that the people in sportswear were just royalty.

“I see you are surprised, Elfo,” the fairy Utila greeted him, who, upon closer inspection, turned out to be quite pretty, albeit a little strict. “But the fact is, elves must always be in great shape, too. Elf Young will confirm this to you. I’m not even talking about the fact that if you combine walking and running, you will reach your goal much faster.

– Thank you, fairy Utila, somehow I didn’t even think about it.

– Unfortunately, many do not think about it. But the elf Young and I have collected a huge collection of the best tips and we will be happy to share this knowledge with you. You don’t mind, do you?

– Of course not! I will only be glad.

It is necessary to say that elf Young and the fairy Utila were excellent storytellers and all their advices were not boring at all, but very useful and interesting. Many things, Elfo did not even suspect. He wanted to stay still and stay in the castle for the fairy Utila, but even taking into account important clues, the path was not short. Therefore, thanking the new friends, he apologized and set out again, in the direction of the capital of Elven Land, the city of Poziturbo.

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