Chapter 10. Golden Staircase

The fairy kingdom of Richi was located near the city of Poziturbo, but it looked much more peaceful and everyone here moved at a leisurely pace, mostly in the same direction. It was easy to guess where to go, especially since almost at every step there were road signs to the Golden Staircase.

However, the Golden Staircase was not the only attraction of this kingdom. Around the middle of the way to it there was a rather large building similar to a factory, with the inscription Elven Land Mint. Elfo turned off the main road not only out of curiosity, but also because the further path to the Golden Stair was blocked by a large gate with guards on the sides.

Elfo had no choice but to enter the building. Inside there were only two large rooms – a workshop for the production of coins and a workshop for the production of magic wands with a large and beautiful inscription “Wandy”.

Elfo politely asked one of the masters where he could find the fairy Richi and the master pointed him to the Coin Workshop. In fact, the coin workshop was not a noisy place at all, but on the contrary a large, but cozy room in which pleasant music was heard.

In the very center, among neat stacks of various coins, Elfo saw the fairy Richie herself, who, with one wave of her magic wand, produced a new coin each time. The sight was so interesting and mesmerizing that Elfo was barely distracted and turned to the fairy Richi.

– Yes, of course, young traveler, I know perfectly well where and why you are going, but to my great chagrin, I can’t help you now. In order to get to the Golden Staircase, you need to go through all 10 levels of Brila, as well as my 10 levels. Only then will you be able to acquire a magic wand of suitable difficulty that will help you open the gate leading to the Golden Staircase. In the meantime, let’s go to the observation deck and I’ll show you what it looks like, because I just have a break now and I can chat with you, have a glass of Zappi and, of course, show you the Golden Staircase.

When they approached the observation deck, Elfo was simply dumbfounded and numb. Such beauty he had never seen in his short life. The staircase was just huge, it shimmered in the sun and rested right into the blue sky. Elfo did not move and just stood and watched. He understood how much he had to do to go up these stairs, but he saw no other way for himself. He definitely had to find his parents and now his main goal was absolutely clearly visible to him. He was determined to go all the way right again, from start to finish.

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