Chapter 9. Poziturbo City

The capital of Elven Land, the city of Poziturbo, seemed quite small from afar. But when Elfo came closer and entered the city itself, they realized how deeply they were mistaken. Life inside the city simply boiled and seethed, elves and fairies moved in all possible ways, walked, ran and flew. There was so much here that the city itself was very much like a bee hive.

Moreover, on almost every corner, he saw machines with Zappi energy drink, which were served to everyone by elves in beautiful uniforms with the inscription Ambassador.

– Hey buddy, would you like a super energy drink? – suddenly he heard someone insinuating voice near his ear. But to his surprise, it was not the Ambassador at all, but an elf completely unlike him with a clearly repulsive appearance. – I can offer you something more interesting and even give “real” money to purchase it in the future. At the same time, he showed a whole bundle of green pieces of paper unfamiliar to Elfo. Just say “Yes, I want to!”

Elfo was curious, but not so curious as to immediately confide in an unpleasant stranger. In addition, a young, athletic-looking fairy has already approached him, just like the Ambassadors in beautiful uniforms, but of a different look and color.

= Get away from him, Fiato! Don’t fool Elfo’s head. Hide under the Big Bridge and don’t try to stick your head out. Look for fools in the Human World for your magic tricks.

– What do you mean, fairy Brila, I didn’t even think to do anything bad to this traveler. I just wanted to help him. Sorry, sorry, I’m already leaving.

– And you, Elfo, be very careful with strangers. My name is Fairy Brila and I make sure that elves do not move from one level to another without having a special token for this. As for travelers like you, they can look from the outside at everything that happens in Poziturbo.

Fairy Brila told a lot and showed Elfo while they slowly walked around the city and even treated him to magical-tasting pancakes with positive jam. And when she found out that Elfo was heading for the Golden Stairs, she helped to choose the right road that leads to the kingdom of the fairy Richi.

Elfo thanked the beautiful fairy for everything and promised to return soon and go through all ten levels of the city. He really wanted it very much, but at first he just needed to find out where the Golden Staircase was in order to know where his parents were headed.

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