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What do you think this article is about? Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is that Artificial Intelligence began to make money. But it makes no sense to write about it, we all have known about this for a long time, and we are not very interested. Passive income is a completely different matter. We all want the computer to not only help us exchange information, communicate and perform everyday tasks, but also help to get paid.

There is one magic formula that is absolutely suitable in this situation, and now we just refresh it in our memory.

So, let’s start with online mining. For this type of activity absolutely no special equipment is needed. It’s enough to focus on just two projects and

The most important thing in working with these projects is to remember to turn them on at full capacity when you yourself are not using your gadgets. If you work on the Internet, it is advisable to reduce the power of these programs so that they do not interfere with the basic tasks. You can leave them working in the background.

Cryptocurrency earned in this way can be sent to cloud mining programs.

Speaking in a very simple language, then staking – this is very similar to ONE OF the TYPES of activity that modern banks are engaged in . That is, your capital will grow due to the fact that you store some type of cryptocurrency and support the operation of the system as a whole. And the main difference from the modern banking system is that this is decentralized – it is not the banks that make a profit, but each of the cryptocurrency custodians.

If you have small time periods during the day when you yourself can help your computer make money, you can do it using cryptocurrency faucets or other best projects selected by members of the Levelnaut community.

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