Go to Hell, KYC!

In my opinion, KYC is just another type of fraud. This trick, as a rule, is used by sites that work with cryptocurrency.

For those who do not know, I remind you that KYC is a verification tool that is used to confirm identity.

The first question I want to ask the entire world crypto community is what kind of KYC can we talk about? After all, we all talk about the fact that decentralization is our right and that is what we fight for on the Internet.

The answer is obvious, all those services that work with cryptocurrency and at the same time require KYC are FRAUDERS who hide behind the ideas of the crypto community.

It’s not a secret for any of us, we all perfectly understand that ABSOLUTELY ALL THEFT, which occur on exchanges and other cryptocurrency platforms, are the work of the employees of these platforms themselves. And if they themselves did not participate in the hacking process, they contributed to it with their carelessness.

And now I’ll talk about why I consider KYC a FRAUD TOOL.

Just a month days ago, my wife wanted to regain access to the Poloniex exchange – two employees of which (Shawn and Della – for some reason without names, which is also suspicious) for a month did everything possible to prevent this access (disable 2FA). Mostly the refusal was motivated by a “poor-quality photograph of the document”. Specially for determining the truth, I bought a completely new Logitech camera for PC and took a new shot of documents and selfies and … again, almost for the tenth time access was refused.

That is, in fact, Poloniex company, registered in the USA, took the client’s money and doesn’t want to return it, inventing new tricks every time. Of course, I will be forced to report to the US regulatory and tax authorities about this fraud, but the crypto community will not benefit from such actions.

But this is only one of the episodes that my wife encountered, which rarely deals with cryptocurrency. I come across this almost every day.

I have to enter into endless correspondence with company representatives, who often do not have a name, surname, or position, and at the same time insistently demand all my personal data from me.

I am patiently trying to explain to them that in Israel – there is NONE an official department that sends out information and pay bills in English. Even in my Bank, Discount, where I talked with many employees, they did not give me a certified seal (as required by the sites) IN ENGLISH. Are Americans really so sure that the whole world lives and should live according to their laws and rules?

With all this, all the services, without exception, absolutely willingly accept money even if they were sent by aliens.

On the Internet there are a huge number of services and sites that are absolutely reliable and which “are cracked nearly every month”, but they do not require KYC. I urge the entire crypto community and all my 500K followers and subscribers to boycott those sites and services that require KYC and try to impose tricks on us with their fraudsters. And I want to ask all the cryptocurrency supporters again – are you really for decentralization in the world or just in words?

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