Comments were allowed from the beginning to all the posts on the Levelnaut website. But as for the pages, they were not all and were not always open for commenting for various reasons.

For example, at first there was no such option on the WebTokenProfit project page. The reason is that when this page was created, I myself had nothing to say about this project. For me, WebTokenProfit was a completely new and incomprehensible site and for over a year I studied it myself.

What is going on now – many of you are well aware. Now I am the Head of the International Department of the WebTokenProfit company, which at the moment has not one, but seven platforms for investing and earning WEC cryptocurrency.

Moreover, many readers of this site have become employees of the WebTokenProfit project, where they receive an official salary, in addition to investment and business development opportunities.

It is for this reason that I opened the possibility of commenting on the WebTokenProfit page and invite you dear readers to ask your questions, which I or someone of my colleagues will answer. Click on this link, go to the company page, study the information and get answers.