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As you know, the new business platform of Levelnaut company will be launched at the beginning of October, 2020. A lot of specific tools and functional elements will be implemented there. But they are not the subject of this post.
Now, I would like to underline some interesting points, that will not be probably lighted by anyone. Why? The answer is very simple – they refer to my own focus of vision.
So, first of all I want to mention, that new Levelnaut business platform IS NOT A CRYPTO project. “WHAT???”- one can ask. “What do you mean “not a crypto”?? But you are one of the desperate and crazy crypto enthusiast. What do you mean, saying not a crypto?”
Yes, guys, that is exactly the point. Crypto activity is an interesting and involving process, but… First, I don’t like to start my own business based on crypto only. Acting this way, I perfectly well understand that – my target auditory will be not a big one, and the business itself will be very risky. That is why, we don’t create our own coin, don’t use blockchain technology and don’t limit our possibilities this way. Secondly, by the last time I am very disappointed in altcoins to create one more potentially “dead coin”. Though we will work with crypto projects in our training programs and some of them are included in our business packages. Also we accept payments and make withdrawals in crypto (by means of crypto payment systems) too.
Secondly. We don’t use any classic MLM schemes, I mean binary, matrix etc, We have chosen the 2-tier affiliate programs at all 10 levels of Levelnaut business platform. The reason is obvious – the majority of internet users prefer exactly this model of earning and investing.
Third. We try to avoid all that boring long webinars in our work. The preferance is given to Support Groups in all languages, created in all popular messengers. This way we also protect our users from the effect of “silent sponsor”.
And the last moment, that should be minded, when saying “thoughts before the start” – is formula 50x50x50. This model means 50 projects we deal with (this number of project is included in our training programs), 50 our own products and 50 our own services. Though we haven’t presented our RoadMap, that is or main landmark. But all that will be discussed probably in the next posts and articles.

Boris Siomin,

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