Cyborg or Levelnaut?

The Levelnaut founder, Boris Siomin, gives interviews very rarely. He says, as usual, he is very busy. However, we are colleagues and business partners, that’s why I was able to talk with him on some topics.

– Boris, how did you transform from an ordinary person into a “super occupied”?

I don’t even know how to answer this question in a polite way. In my opinion, the only thing that can be “super occupied” is the toilet (He laughs). Therefore, all those who pose as a “super occupied” person are very often resemble this particular “business”. In fact, people have other reasons why they do not want to talk about certain topics. In this case, I believe that the “levelnauts” time has not yet come and it is easier for people to live without setting any difficult tasks.

– Nevertheless, the “levelnaut” term is becoming a trend though quite recently it was unknown. How did this happen?

Yes, this is true. If you tried to search for this word in a search engine a few years ago, you would get zero results. If you repeat this step today, you will get tens of thousands of answers.

In order not to bore anyone with long stories, I will refer you to my “Levelnauts, or New Year – every three months” book. I described the term story in detail there.

In short, levelnavts are people who pay special attention to setting goals in their lives and treat their lives as an exciting journey and move from one level to another.

– So the “levelnaut” term is, in fact, a combination of “level” and “nautical” words, is it right?

May be said like this. After all, if the “cosmonaut” and “astronaut” terms exist, why should the “levelnaut” term not appear?

As an English teacher by profession, I can let me use this term. By the way, speaking of English teachers, many persons of them have not only contributed to educating the masses, but are also very successful in business and, in particular, on the Internet. Well-known Jack Ma (Alibaba), Tatiana Bakalchuk (Wildberry) and some other well-known entrepreneurs, in the past they were English teachers.

– And how do the levelnauts belong to cyborgs, in that case?

Anyhow. However, among the modern world trends, one of the most popular is human cyborgization.

I am not against the transhumanism theory but on the contrary, I am a very active supporter of it. However, I have my own clarifications or amendments based on my life observations.

For example, I am dead sure that a correctly set goal “keeps a person afloat”, it is actually better than external influence or an aimless existence. Many of us have heard stories of miraculous healings or incredible successes in various industries, but, unfortunately, few of us know how to correctly set a goal in our lives.

And if a “cyborg” is a product of technology, then “levelnaut” is a product of self-development and self-education.

– Returning to the business, how was your own “Alibaba” project born?

In a sense, the Levelnaut project came about because of some circumstances. My main activity was connected not only with teaching, but also with networking, I had to deal with a lot of companies.

Nevertheless, in 2019, something happened that is familiar to most Internet users. During this period, such a huge number of fraudulent projects or “scams” appeared in the Internet (calling things using the Internet terminology), that we had to resist it.

Everything started with a small BestCrypto Telegram group, but then it grew into a larger international project, to which anyone can join today.

– Go it. The last question, do you plan to publish the book?

– I can’t say that I thought about it seriously because I understand that this is not a quick question. However, we do not have enough time, although I don’t want to portray “super occupied” either. That’s where we started the interview, that’s where we ended it (He laughs).

– Thank you.

Elena Bagirova Product Manager of Levelnaut

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