Yes, of course, you all know perfectly well what a Healthy Lifestyle is. But hardly any of you was ready for the emergence of such a thing as a Pandemic Way of Life. You can joke a lot about this, but in fact nothing positive happens. Therefore, the best option for all Internet users is to do what the Internet was created for, that is, to exchange information. And including sharing information about what you do during lockdowns and quarantines.

If you are interested, I can share what I do during the pandemic in addition to acceptable sports and online teaching. So let’s go in order.

1. I have joined the virtual space state Asgardia, whose mission is clear and interesting to me. Moreover, I became its official resident and even submitted my candidacy for mayor of Haifa in this project.

2. Together with a team of like-minded people, we continue to develop and improve the Levelnaut project, which is not only of commercial importance, but also helps to adapt to modern conditions.

3. I am actively interested in projects that are aimed at combating aging and try, whenever possible, to share information about both OpenLongevity and Lifespan.

4. When time is left, I prefer to spend it playing Elvenar strategy games and it not only gives pleasure, but also activates the brain and helps to find the right decisions.

What’s your way of Pandemic Lifestyle? What changes have you made in connection with the pandemic? How are you spending your time now?