What’s going on around? Where is the world heading? What is wrong with our planet and its inhabitants?
These are the questions I have been asking myself especially often lately. As a rule, I cannot find the answer to them.
But I want to share one observation with you today. In my opinion, it is very important, so we cannot pretend that we do not notice it.
Let’s not talk now about conspiracy theories, or about the secret world government, and in general we will not talk about conspiracy theories.
Let’s just ask ourselves – Why is there so much negativity around? Maybe the problem is in ourselves?
Try, just for the sake of experiment, look for positive news in the media or on the Internet. And you will see how difficult it is to find them.
Today, the positive has to be mined as the rarest chemical element or mineral. But it shouldn’t be that way, it’s wrong and it’s very bad.
I shared my thoughts with some of my friends and he completely agreed with me. Moreover, we will try to change the situation. There are already many ideas and interesting thoughts. In the very near future the site will start working in several languages.
If you are interested in what is written here and you want to join our movement, then for now you can write to borishaifamail@gmail.com
Positive everyone and have a nice day!

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