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In this you will find the answers to the questions about Elven Coin

– How can I get Elven Coin?

First of all, you need to download the wallet Tronlink.org as Elven Coin is created on the TRON blockchain. You can choose either the desktop version using the Chrome browser app or the mobile version of the wallet. After the wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone, open it and click the Add Asset button in the list of cryptocurrencies. In the search box that opens, just type “Elvencoin” and add it to the list. And then open the line of the coin and find your wallet address there, which will begin with the letter T. It is to this address that you can receive Elven Coin coins and it must be indicated in the Google Form for Pre-Sale and ICO campaigns. You can also use information about other payment systems for your convenience on the page of Finance

– Where to buy Elven Coin before the official distribution and ICO at the lowest and best price?

You can buy Elven Coin on the Levelnaut.biz website, which is a store of online instructions and level books (tutorials focused on the shortest course of study). If you haven’t clicked yet Levelnaut.biz then do it right now open the “Buy Packages” page. When filling out the buyer’s card, enter the address of your Elven Coin wallet in the “Additional Information” field. You can immediately buy a package with the required package of tokens or buy any of the other packages. In the second case, also do not forget to indicate your Elven Coin wallet address in the “Additional information” field, since for the purchase of each package (levelbook) you will receive an Elven coin as a gift.

– How to become a project participant, Elven Coin ambassador or make a career at Levelnaut?

First of all, you need to fill out the Google Form Google Form and start active activities in the development of the project and the promotion of the Elven coin in the cryptocurrency market. All your ideas and suggestions will be reviewed by the project managers.

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