The Main Prize – apartment in Cyprus

Carefully read everything that is written here, and you can get what the title says. But first, answer a few questions.
Do you want to be a part of a huge positive flow?
Do you want to find an interesting new place for yourself in the blockchain world?
Do you want to take part in the drawing of a real apartment on the Mediterranean coast?
If you answered yes to at least one question, then immediately stake your place in the land of elves today, because tomorrow it will be too late!
And now a little more about all this and what exactly needs to be done.

Who is holding the draw?

– Levelnaut company – positive social network Poziturbo – and the Elven Coin (ELVEN) crypto coin community Where and how does the preparation take place and when will the draw take place?
– all the most exciting events take place in the virtual Land of Elves at
– the drawing of the main prize will take place in live online broadcasting mode

What should be done?

– you need to buy any number of places (pixels) on the map of the magical Land of Elves
– monitor how other participants are buying seats and recommend that your friends and family take part in it, and then take part in the final drawing of the Main Prize
– an apartment in Cyprus

What will you get as a result?

– the winner of the prize (pixel) receives the main prize
– absolutely all participants in the drawing will become owners of the Elven Coin (ELVEN) coin, which after the ICO (which will start soon) will increase in price hundreds of times
– each participant will be able to register the purchased place and attach any link to it (for example, to his website or blog), given the fact that the Map of the Country of Elves will be constantly broadcast in all advertising Levelnaut, Poziturbo and Elven Coin – regardless of the number of purchased coins, you will become a member of the Elven Coin cryptocurrency community and will be able to participate in all further contests and coin giveaways.

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