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The title looks a little strange, doesn’t it? But I’ll explain everything now and you will understand details. In fact, we are talking not only about gifts, but about the presentation of products offered by the Elven Coin project team.

At the moment, we will talk about only three information products out of one hundred and fifty, which Levelnaut plans to bring to the market in the near future. And now is the best time to talk in more detail about the Levelnaut business, the Elven Land project and the positive social network PozitUrbo. All these projects that are already operating on the Internet will be united by the Elven Coin cryptocurrency, which will be used in them.

So let’s take a look at everything in order.


The main idea of ​​the Levelnaut Biz project is the creation of levelbooks, that is, books, or files that help in the shortest way to get not only a general understanding of the object of study, but also the shortest path to its knowledge. In the future, it will be not only a tool for school monetization and the basis of the certification system, but also the main tool for obtaining information in a generalized and structured form. One of the basic theories that guided the creation of the project is Josh Kaufman’s theory of how to learn anything in 20 hours of training. Levelbooks are our name for learning materials that help you move to the next level of self-education. They contain not only general or theoretical points, but also quite practical techniques, methods and secrets. The first area that we paid attention to at the very start of the project is moneymaking, that is, the ability to make money on the Internet. At the same time, we proceeded from the fact that money is required for most other areas of self-development, as well as for the implementation of most social projects. In principle, anyone can act both as a buyer of a levelbook and as its creator. All commercial activities in this direction will be conducted using the Elven Coin cryptocurrency. Project manager Elena Bagirova (Azerbaijan, Telegram @bagira_elena)


The main idea of ​​the Elven Land project is to create advertising templates from the “million pixels” category. Each of these templates contains not only a million ad slots, but will also be broadcast to millions of pages, in all ad units, and on all Levelnaut sites (Levelnaut Biz, ElvenCoin Info, Elven Land, Poziturbo and many others). In other words, if you buy one pixel from Elven Land, then there is a chance that millions of Internet users will pay attention to it. It is no secret that today few people pay attention to advertising and it rather annoys people than benefits them. In the situation with Elven Land, we interest users to wander around the wonderland and see what they can find interesting and useful there. And most likely, it will actually be possible to find some treasures there. But that’s not all. Elven Land provides an opportunity to invest, make a profit and even … win an apartment in one of the most picturesque corners of the earth. In the first template, a pixel will be hidden, which will be the prize. And after filling in all the cells of the field, apartments in Cyprus will be raffled off live. In subsequent templates, apartments in Bali, the Philippines and elsewhere are already planned as prizes. And now a few words about investments and profits. Firstly, each buyer of pixels on the Elven Land field will be presented with a 1 ELVEN cryptocurrency and all that is needed for this is to fill out the appropriate Google Form. The coin will certainly go up in value and can turn out to be a very profitable investment over time. You can also buy a few ad pixels, get a few coins, resell it all and build a great, profitable and modern online business. Project manager Dmitry Averyanov (Israel, Telegram @dimaisraelt)


PozitUrbo – or in translation from Esperanto, “positive city”, is a new type of social network. Its main distinguishing feature is the orientation towards positive, creation, creativity and humor. This project was created in contrast to other media and social networks, which, as a rule, are much more negative than positive. As a test model, a group was launched in the Russian-speaking community of Positeka, which in two months was joined by about 500 active members and several dozen moderators. Positive is what humanity is in dire need of today, and this fact is obvious. Therefore, the main content of the PozitUrbo social network feed is positive, and all other options – creating target and focus groups, inviting to webinars and events, offering services and other options will be possible only for additional payment with ELVEN cryptocurrency and only with the consent of users. This project is also the main place for communication, discussion of ideas and projects by all members of the Levelnaut community.

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