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As I promised all subscribers of the Levelnaut website, today everyone will receive a realexclusive. And you will receive one more confirmation of everything that we wrote about earlier. Moreover, if you noticed, reblogging and reposting to social networks were disabled for this post at the time of publishing. And this means that at least until the end of this week, that is, until April 11, dear readers, this information will only be with you. This is a gratitude of the entire Levelnaut team and Elven Coin team for all this time you have supported us and helped to implement our plans.

So, try to be very careful now and follow these instructions exactly. In this case, you will not be so offended that you “were not in the right time with bitcoin” and you will have an excellent prospect with the Elven cryptocurrency, which is created on the basis of the TRON blockchain (by the way, the value of the TRON coin has also increased several times in just the last few days).


First of all, you have to download the wallet Tronlink.org, as the Elven Coin is created on the TRON blockchain. You can choose either the desktop version using the Chrome browser app or the mobile version of the wallet. After the wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone, open it and click the Add Asset button in the list of cryptocurrencies. In the search box that opens, just enter “Elvencoin” and add to the list. And then open the line of the coin and find the address of your wallet there, which will begin with the letter T.


Read about first Levelnaut projects and then follow the BEFORE YOU SET instruction. which is located in the Elven.land website menu, buy some ad pixels. Remember that by making such a purchase for just a few dollars, you also get an excellent tool for promoting your sites or projects, the opportunity to win an apartment in Cyprus and, of course, the corresponding amount of Elven coins as a gift. Also keep in mind that in subsequent templates, apartments in Bali and the Philippines will be raffled off. But this will happen only for Elven Coin, and the banners of these templates will be submitted to all ad units of all our projects using a rotator. As you understand, the sale of real estate will continue and new partners are contacting us about this.


Go to the site Levelnaut.biz and study how it works, what business opportunities it provides entrepreneurs. Here you can build big business teams and make money with your business instructions, business files, which we call levelbooks. This is a very interesting and promising business, so in any case, first register on this site. Here you will have two options – you can download a levelbook for free or buy any other for 1$ only (!!). We provide such an opportunity today so that you can better not only how the levelbook is arranged, but also how you yourself can make such levelbooks with your referral links and projects, while earning money. For each levelbook you buy, you will also receive 1 Elven Coin as a gift. In addition, ONLY HERE here you can buy a pack of 100 or 1000 Elven Coins, which will be useful to you very soon.


Be sure to register in the first positive social network Poziturbo.com Create your group there and invite 5 of your friends there. For this you will also receive 5 Elven Coins as a gift. Why should this be done in the very near future? The fact is that, as already mentioned, this is a positive social network, so only communication between users and the exchange of positive information will be available here for free. All other options – creating groups, organizing events and everything else, here will be possible only for Elven Coin. But today we have not only opened all possible options, but are even ready to pay cryptocurrency for help in the development of this social network.


After you complete all the previous steps, you just have to fill out this GOOGLE FORM and wait until the information you specified is verified and the coins will appear in your wallet. If you did everything right, it won’t take long.


This GOOGLE FORM has the last point where you can write your comments or wishes. Why is it important to do this? The fact is that our project is at the very beginning of its journey. As you already know, we are planning to create at least 150 standalone projects that will use Elven Coin. Moreover, in the Roadmap today you can see far from everything that is already being prepared by the friendly team of Levelnaut. If you want to join our team, if you have your own interesting ideas or projects, if you just want to be an Elven Coin ambassador in your region, then be sure to let us know. We really need serious leaders now.

Continue to follow the information on this site and on all official Elven Coin sites. The ICO will begin soon and all the details of this event are on the website elvencoin.info Contact the project managers and you will be sure to get an answer.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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