Elven Crypto Boom

Judging by all the signs, very soon you can expect a real boom that will take place around the Elven Coin cryptocurrency. But all the legends and stories are still being thought out, and the period of gamification of all platforms and services has not even begun. At the moment, only three platforms out of the planned 150 are launched.

Today I will very briefly tell you about what is “behind the project roadmap” and share insider information about the platforms that the Levelnaut community and the Elven Coin cryptocurrency team are already working on. I want to warn you right away that all of the listed projects are only at the development stage and that this is only a small part of the company’s portfolio of projects.

Also, you will probably be interested to know that almost every project has its own branded chips and ideas. Therefore, for now I will just list just a few projects:
– a platform for freelancers and primarily for adapters
– crypto faucet and cryptorotator
– service of unique business cards
– investment online dating service
– cryptocurrency exchange
and much more. And of course, in all these, as well as other projects, Elven Coin will be actively used.

Let me remind you that the Elven Coin ICO begins on May 19, 2021, but the pre-sale stage has already begun and members of the Levelnaut community, as well as simply curious and inquisitive users, can purchase Elven Coin today or even get this cryptocurrency for free.

All information can be found in these articles and it is enough just to set aside a few minutes for reading, and then do some very simple and very short steps. Good luck!

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