Career Plan. Ambassadors

Many crypto enthusiasts and other Internet users apply to the Levelnaut management and the Elven Coin project team with a question about how they can join and become part of our community.

In this post you will find basic information, and all other details can be obtained through personal communication with our representatives.

At Levelnaut, as well as in the Elven Coin project, there are the following career levels:

– Internet user
– member of the Levelnaut community
– Ambassador for Elven Coin and Levelnaut
– Manager of the Levelnaut company
– top manager of Levelnaut company

Internet user

Absolutely any person, regardless social status and interests

Member of the Levelnaut community

An Internet user who is interested in what is happening in the community and takes part in any of our projects

Elven Coin and Levelnaut Ambassador

He is an active community member who spreads information about Elven cryptocurrency and Levelnaut projects and represents our interests in his region. Cooperation with the ambassador is based on freelance and rewards.

Manager of the Levelnaut company

As a rule, a Levelnaut manager is responsible for the work of a department, direction, platform or service of Levelnaut company. In order for an Ambassador to become a manager, it is necessary not only to be an active ambassador, but also to have at least one recommendation from a top manager. This item is paid according to the company’s tariff plan.

Top Manager of Levelnaut

The Top Manager of Levelnaut is involved in the administration, is responsible for a certain direction of development and has the right to vote when making important decisions. This item is paid according to the company’s tariff plan. In order for a manager to become a top manager, it is necessary not only to have the recommendation of the current Top Manager, but also to be elected by voting among the members of the administration.

All details of a career plan and other information can be obtained from Mashell Chapeyama (Telegram – @Mchapeyama or e-mail

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