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Now, let’s give free rein to our imagination and try to imagine the future of the project, Levelnaut and Elven cryptocurrency. While you are just going to do this, I want to share my own vision of all that.


It will be a large company with small regional offices, but with a very large number of employees who work exclusively from home or in small coworking centers. The main activities of this IT giant will be in the field of networking and education. I hope that the complete reform of education, its competent monetization and certification as the main tool, will very soon become not only trends, but also one of the main norms for the development of society. It is during this period that the adaptation of all innovations, technological developments and discoveries will require wider implementation in society. And in order for all this to be interesting and exciting, gamification will be applied in the widest possible way, and levels and quests during the training period will be no less interesting to pass than in modern strategy games. Therefore, people with creative thinking, as well as artists, graphic artists and web designers will also be in great demand. As I have said many times, the modern education system is simply catastrophically lagging behind the development of technology and the popularization of scientific knowledge, and Levelnaut will fulfill its mission with honor.


I don’t think Elven will be the only cryptocurrency on the project. In mythology, there are many good fairies and elves who help people in solving a variety of problems. As an active crypto enthusiast, of course, I am absolutely sure that traditional money will very soon become an object of history, and far from the best one. Cryptocurrency is far from the last instrument for regulating economic relations, but in the foreseeable future it should become such. Those people who have been dealing with crypto for a long time are well aware that it is “emotional”, volatile and often unpredictable. But cryptocurrency at least gives the feeling of relative freedom and mobility. It is possible that Elven will go beyond the scope of our project and will be used along with other popular types of cryptocurrency.

People. Positive. Creative

I consider these three concepts to be the most important not only in the development of our projects, but also in the development of society as a whole. Without them, nothing is possible, including the bright future of humanity. Therefore, of course, they will be the main ones, no matter what we invent or develop.

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