As I promised readers and subscribers of, now I will share very important, absolutely insider information. The fact is that just at the meeting of the Elven Coin team, a very important decision was made not to wait for the ICO (Initial Coin Offer), but to immediately go to IEO (Initial Exchange Offer).
What does this change, what urgently needs to be done for you, dear readers and all our other supporters and followers.

1. Do not wait until we receive the official information about the listing (on the inclusion of the Elven Coin coin in the large lists of major exchanges), you can get benefits today and you can see for yourself. Right now, when I write these lines, the Elven Coin rate is only … 0.004 in the exchange service This service is absolutely suitable for us, since the Elven Coin coin, as you know, is created on the TRON blockchain

2. First of all, you need to download the wallet , as Elven Coin is created on the TRON blockchain. You can choose either the desktop version using the Chrome browser app or the mobile version of the wallet. After the wallet is installed on your computer or mobile phone, open it and click the Add Asset button in the list of cryptocurrencies. In the search box that opens, just enter “ELVEN” and add to the list.

3. When your Tronlink wallet is registered, transfer there any known cryptocurrency BTC, ETH or TRON For example, in Israel you can buy it for shekels at, in other countries at other sites . After that, connect your wallet to the exchange service. More precisely, if you even press the SWAP button in the Tronlink wallet, the system will automatically transfer you to this exchange service. Do not forget to activate a new wallet, for this it is enough to transfer 0.1 TRON to it or to conduct any transaction in it at all, the system will withdraw this amount by itself. And in the future, to carry out transactions, you need to have a certain amount of “frozen” coins, and with the help of which “energy” is accumulated for making these transactions.

4. Exchange your existing cryptocurrency to ELVEN and keep it in this wallet for now. After that, follow the news and the connection of the coin to our new projects and follow the listing on other exchanges.

Let’s just remember the starting point


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