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As you probably already know, dear friends, positive is one of the basic principles of the Levelnaut and Elven Coin projects.
You also know that only for spreading the positive around the world you can get the Elven Coin for free, or more precisely, as a reward for this activity. In this post, we will clarify some details about compiling a complete list of Positek groups in all social networks of the world.

It is important to remind that the main positive social network is PoziTurbo (Positive City in Esperanto) and it is there that all administrators, moderators of Poziteka groups, Elven Coin ambassadors, members of the Levelnaut group projects, etc. gather and exchange experience and useful information.

If you also want to take part in our positive movement and receive a reward in the form of Elven Coin cryptocurrency, then on this page you will find the most complete information on this topic.

Positeca social networks and groups (complete list)

Amikumu (vacant)
ASmallWorld (vacant)
Band (vacant)
Befilo (vacant)
BitTube (vacant)
BuddyList (vacant)
Chatabox (vacant)
Chatwork (vacant)
Desentric (vacant)
Discord (vacant)
Ekonty (vacant)
Elpha (vacant)
Empire Kred (vacant)
Epistimo (vacant)
Fark (vacant)
Facebook (English), Facebook (English, Swahili), Facebook (Russian), Facebook (English, Shona)
Flock (vacant)
Gab (vacant)
GroupMe (vacant)
Hello (vacant)
Hi5 (vacant)
Hangouts (vacant)
Hotmedia (vacant)
Houseparty (vacant)
ICQ (vacant)
Infinityloop (vacant)
Instagram (vacant)
Leopays (vacant)
Likee (vacant)
Linkedin (vacant)
MarketHive (vacant)
Mattermost (vacant)
Mewe (vacant)
Microsoft Teams (vacant)
Mind (vacant)
Mocospace (vacant)
Nap-sack (vacant)
Okuna (vacant)
Peanut (vacant)
Pinterest (vacant)
Reddit (vacant)
Rollbol (vacant)
Ryver (vacant)
Signal (vacant)
Skype (vacant)
Slack (vacant)
Snapchat (vacant)
Tapatalk (vacant)
Telegram (English, Telugu), Telegram (English, Urdu)
Tumblr (vacant)
Twist (vacant)
VK (vacant)
Woddal (vacant)
WeChat (vacant)
WhatsApp (English)
Xing (vacant)
Yubo (vacant)
Viber (vacant)
Zoho Cliq (vacant)
Zoimas (vacant)

If you also want to take part in this project, then contact Ruth Kamau (Telegram – @Wakamuyu or e-mail ruth92782@gmail.com)

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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