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The Elven Land project roadmap is published on the main site and therefore is not a secret to anyone. The team is quite successfully working on the implementation of this roadmap and everything is going exactly according to plan and in some cases even ahead of the specified time frame.

One of the important and interesting facts is that the team refused the help of sponsors and large investors, focusing on crowdfunding and involving the project participants themselves in investment. I want to remind you that the Elven Coin team did not take part in either the ICO or even the IEO, preferring the policy of rewarding all participants loyal to the project. We are absolutely sure that a good idea can promote itself, and there is no point in promoting bad ideas. We think the idea of ​​Elven Land and Elven Coin as it’s cryptocurrency are good ideas.

In this regard, it is necessary to make several explanations to the Roadmap so that all people loyal to the project have a clear picture of its further development. Here are just a few comments to help you do this.

1. We are in no hurry to enter any large or small exchange listings. The Elven Land project was primarily created for positive people, and not for stock speculators. We are not against the Elven coin being traded on the stock exchanges besides JustSwap, but we do not want to do anything to “arouse interest technically”, we are against misleading investors and against artificially created HYIPs. We are for the natural, organic development of the project, even if not as fast as that of other “fantastic or super technological projects.” The Elven Coin team members are far from new to the crypto market. We perfectly understand the mechanisms by which high-quality projects are promoted, and not fraudulent schemes and hastily cobbled together “startups”, which cease their activities in a few months. Therefore, our Roadmap plans to create our own crypto exchange, where, in addition to Elven Coin, other Elven Land coins will be traded.

2. The project has its own storyline, its own history, its own map, its own traditions and its own characters. We do not pretend to be the Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones, but we also have our own storyline, which is essentially an exciting journey in the Crypto World. All services and platforms planned for development and implementation (from ordinary crypto faucets to complex specialized platforms) are united by a common plot. We are sure that someday our characters Elfo, Lerta, Vendisto, Rich, Fiato and many others will become no less popular than the heroes of other famous stories. Of course, all aspects of the Elven Land plot will become much more obvious after a good artist who is close and interested in this topic joins the project. So far there is no such person and we are still in search.

3. The existing sites and platforms of Elven Land (advertising service, social network, info market, etc.) are far from the form that we originally planned, but gradually the technical team of the project is improving them to adapt to the current moment of development.

4. We are open to absolutely all Internet users and anyone today can join any division in order to take a more active part in the further development of Elven Land. To date, the following groups are the most active, but this list will be regularly updated and supplemented.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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3 thoughts on “Comments to Elven Land Road Map

  1. This is really awesome! Elven is one of a kind. It’s totally different from ALL the other coins. Elven is here to stay and stay indefinitely. Thank you so much Boris and team. Keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you so much Boris, It’s very clear Elven is like no other coin. It has got it’s own characteristics, never found before in the crypto world. Elven is here to stay, no doubt about that. Thank you so much Boris for making us beneficiaries of this mighty project.

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