Elvent is an event in Elven Land. The word Elvent is formed from the two words “elven” and “event”.

Most of Elven Land’s names and terms are of English or Esperanto origin.

Unue Elvent – is the first elvent. Unue Elvent is the very creation of Elven Land.

Dua Elvent is the second elvent. Anyone can take part in this elvent, any resident of Elven Land who has at least one Elven in his wallet.

Dua Elvent is a universal elvent of drawing of the Elven Land Map. The main goal of the elvent is to create a detailed Map, showing all the important Elven lands, places and characters.

Since this Elvent is the most important for the educational fairy Lerta, the reward for all participants will be made in the Lerta cryptocurrency, which will be exchanged for Elven at a rate of 1 to 10.

The reward is part of the Loyalty Program. Detailed conditions will be published a little later, but they have already been prepared by the Fairy Lerta’s office.

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