Three Magic Coins

Today you will learn details about all three cryptocurrencies that will be accepted in Elven Land, as well as other important and interesting information. Try to be very careful and then you will get the most out of what is written here.

So, at the initial stage of creating a virtual magic country Elven Land, residents will use 3 coins – Elven, Elven10, Lerta and Cryst.

The main currency Elven, which was created on the Tron blockchain, is a coin of the TRX20 type and before the creation of Trader Vendisto Market (Vendisto cryptocurrency exchange), this coin could not be earned. It can only be bought at the JustSwap shop ( service) or exchanged for three other coins at the rate of 1 to 10.

And now some more details on how and where to earn Elven10, Lerta and Cryst coins.

Elven10 cryptocurrency can only be bought or earned by participating in the development of the social network Poziturbo. To do this, you need to invite new members of the network, create interesting groups and spread information about the network itself and other Levelnaut and Elven land projects in the virtual world. And it can also be received by ambassadors and all those Internet users who plan to make a career in our project. More information can be obtained from Mashell Chapeyama (Telegram – @Mchapeyama or e-mail

Lerta cryptocurrency can be obtained for training and explanation, for helping the fairy Lerta in educational activities. You can not only buy this coin on JustSwap, but also earn it by selling your various instructions, explanations, manuals, technologies, etc. for Lerta cryptocurrency on the Levelnaut.Biz service. If your instructions (and not only about Elven Land) are successful, you will be able to earn additional bonuses in cryptocurrency and in dollars. More detailed information can be obtained from Elena Bagirova (Telegram – @Milana2020 or e-mail

And finally, a few words about the famous “positive crystals” or about the cryptocurrency Cryst. In real life, positive crystals are quite difficult to extract, but in Elven Land they can not only be bought, won on the Magic Field, but even earned. To do this, you need to take part in regular draws of chests with magic crystals on Elven Land (details at Chioma Upaa Telegram – @chayoms65 or e-mail or take part in the creation of Positeka groups (on the exchange of positives) around the virtual world. Details at Ruth Kamau (Telegram – @Wakamuyu or e-mail

In addition, all Elven Land coins can be obtained by participating in special elvents (Elven Land events)

Prior to the official opening of Vendisto Castle, all exchanges of the above cryptocurrencies can be made ONLY in official Telegram groups.

Important! In order to learn any of the above coins, you need to have a wallet. It is very simple to create it, but it is best to ask about it in our groups or contact any of the above contacts.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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