Danko, Trovu and other coins

Dear readers and all residents of Elven land! It’s time to introduce you to other coins that will be produced at the Mento (Mint) in Elven land.

Today you will get information about Trovu, Helpi, Quest and of course Danko. After all, the Danko project has long been discussed by the team of creators and developers of Elven land.

So let’s go in order. With the first coins on the list, everything is more or less clear.

QUEST is a coin that the residents of Elven land receive by completing various tasks in both the real and the virtual world.

HELPI is a charity coin (Helpi means “help” in Esperanto) and this coin is used by Elven Land for any charitable purposes and projects, as well as for sponsorship.

TROVU – (“find” in Esperanto) This coin will be kept in a special Trovu Store in Elven Land. In other words, it will be a service platform that will connect people who have lost an item and those who have found and want to return for a small reward from 1 Trovu Coin.

DANKO is a very interesting coin and a very interesting project in its essence. This is not just a platform for freelancers, but also a service that, using geo-targeting tools and from geolocation, will find all those specialists that you need. That is, with its help you will find not only the closest plumber or hairdresser, but also you can find just a person who is ready to carry out another legal assignment or just spend an evening in your company. Naturally, with the help of such a service, you can also find people with similar interests to yours. And the reward for the help of such a person will occur with the help of the DANKO coin.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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  1. Thank you so much for these coins. This gives us more confidence in the Elven project, for each coin has a very special purpose in Elven Land, unlike other coins that are just coins.

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