We don’t need “investors”

A bit of a strange title, isn’t it? Especially for a startup. But give me a few minutes and I’ll explain what I mean.

Yesterday I had one very interesting meeting with an investor. He wanted me to tell him about our project in “simple language”. I agreed and previously gave him a link with information about the project.

When our meeting began, he said “I had no time to watch your video (although it was not a video at all), I am only interested in one thing – how can I make money quickly with the help of your project.”

Then I explained what our main mission is – we educate people, we introduce them to the world of cryptocurrency in a playful way. In the crypto world, of course, you can make quick money, as in the financial world in general, even though cryptocurrency is a very emotional and extremely volatile phenomenon.

And then I asked him the following question: “At whose expense are you going to make money?” After all, if a person goes to trade on the stock exchange, he must understand well from whom he is going to take this money. Are you going to make quick money with us, at the expense of whom? ”

He did not have an answer to this question, although we both knew him perfectly. After that, I explained that our project is developing according to the crowdfunding method. Community members themselves invest their time and money in the project, develop its directions, products and services. And if all this is done in an interesting, high-quality and efficient manner, then we fairly count on profit.

There were many more interesting moments in this meeting and in the end, I think that our idea and Elven Land hooked him. This is what we must do – to attract the attention of people, to try to teach them how to handle cryptocurrency, to prepare them for the world of a new financial order. And this is a noble mission, despite the fact that the end of life is the same for everyone, both the rich and the poor. This is our positive, positive emotions, joy of life. And nothing can be more expensive than this.

That is why we do not need investors who do not really want to give, but take away. Especially those who do not know anything about our project and do not want to know. I hope you agree with me.

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