Elven Land Airdrops

As you know, dear readers, positive and creative are the most valuable qualities, the most important capital of the Elven Land project. That is why cryptocurrency airdrops (distribution of coins) here also take place in a manner that is not quite traditional for the crypto world.

Now, when the issue of obtaining Elven Land citizenship is becoming very relevant, it is important to understand how you can collect all the coins of the project simply by participating in the Loyalty Program. Therefore, we will now talk about how Elven Land’s coin managers conduct airdrops.

In principle, you can receive or exchange any coins of the TRX10 type absolutely free of charge. It is this type of coins, that is, Elven10, Lerta10, Cryst10 and so on, that are most important for obtaining citizenship and participating in the construction of Elven Land.

As you already know, almost all activities of Elven Land teams are characterized by a high level of creativity, so for now I will just list some options, and you can get more detailed information on airdrops after joining any of the teams.

By the way, about joining. If you just fill out the correct INTRO Facebook group join form and tell us about how you can help Elven Land, then you can already get INTRO coins. The same goes for the MAGIO coin. If, when joining MAGIO groups on Facebook, you simply list the ideas that you think can be applied in Elven Land, then consider that you already get MAGIO coins for free. The same goes for many other coins.

But you can also take part in any events held by Elven Land managers and teams. By participating in quests, you can get QUEST coins, by offering a partnership to get an AMIKO coin, by sharing positives in Positeca groups, you can get CRYST positive crystals, helping others you get a HELPI coin, and so on.

And then, as mentioned above, you can exchange these coins on the VENDISTO exchange for any other type of TRX10 or even TRX20 in order to start trading in the future.

Therefore, the best way to find out about all the airdrops is to join the Elven Land project, or even better, obtain Elven Land citizenship and take part in the construction of this virtual state and even make a career in it.

We strongly recommend you to follow this website in order, not to miss some very interesting and important information.

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