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Is it enough now to just be a rich person to be happy? What a simple question, isn’t it? In most cases, the answer will be yes. But is it really so? What has changed and, most importantly, how to live on? The answers to these questions can be found in my new book called “Levelnauts”, the work on which is nearing completion.

And today I want to say a few words about the levels of the Elven Land project. As you already know, there are 3 levels of participation in the Elven Land project – BRILA, RICHA and levels of the LEVELNAUT project.

We will not talk about LEVELNAUT levels now. This is a completely separate topic and its basics can be understood only after reading the book of the same name. And even then it is unlikely that many will immediately agree with the concept outlined in it. And the chances that it will be positively perceived by society are small, since it implies the COMPLETE destruction of the existing education system as a relic of the past. The Chinese karmic model of modern society is definitely a step forward, but the question is in which direction? In my opinion, totalitarianism has never been the best solution for successful development.

However, let’s stop philosophizing, and return to the levels of Elven Land.

In short, BRILA stands for levels of internal investment and levels of participation in the Loyalty Program.

RICHA is the level of internal and external investment, plus participation in the construction of Elven Land. Bezos and Milner, for example, have invested in a project related to immortality. Is this a smart solution? Of course it is! But what about the diversification of investments in this direction? If the products of the “line” immortality soon go on sale, then you can miss the profit by investing heavily in just one project.

As I said, Elven Land will have the third, highest group of levels. But for now, all information on this topic is confidential and only those who have overcome the two previous levels will have access to it.

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