Elven Land blockchain state. Let’s start

The financial basis for the Elven Land blockchain of the state has almost been created, there are only a few cryptocurrencies left to launch and this will be done by the end of 2021. After that, we move on to the NFT and GameFi stage, the scenario for which has already been created and is currently being detailed. The project team is almost completely formed and now is the best time to proceed to the start of construction of Elven Land blockchain state.

Therefore, in order not to repeat myself, I will simply quote my post today in the project administration group. And once again I want to emphasize the important point that today, in principle, anyone can join this interesting process.

“…Good morning, EL Team! It is really early but very good and significant morning ) Why significant? Because we will start discussing seriously Elven Land State structure. It will be going on in a special group (you know the link already), but I will start it here for the better topic understanding and then it will be sent to ELVEN LAND STATE (Telegram group) and to Elven.Land website.

So, what we will speak about? )) I am absolutely sure, that no one of us knows what EL State will look like, As for me, I have a certain vision, and I want to share this vision to you.

As some of you know, I was a press-secretary of the first blockchain state Decenturion. I was a very small clerk there)), but I remember very well the process of its creation. To my mind there biggest mistake of creators was that they started creating of blockchain state based on the real world or usual offline model. They started creating countless departments with army of clerks and waste this way all the capital and potential. We should go another way and use another, much more practical model. At least by the reason that NO ONE knows what blockchain state should be ))

So, my proposal is as follows. We should start from creating very practical state institutions, that will work not only for EL internal needs but for external need to ( I mean Crypto World and Human World too). Examples. with already existing teams – EL PONTO – advertising agency – that will deal with crypto copywriting, naming, promotion etc. El OFICO – HR Agency for searching specialists for internal and external needs, EL LERTA – crypto academy, EL VENDO – financial agency working out the best ways for investments, EL MAGIO – kickstarting and technical agency, creating all online tools from bots to platforms and so on. And also some institutions, that we don;t have yet at all, like EL GARDO – security agency.

That is my proposal in short. i will pass it to ELVEN LAND STATE group and to Elven.Land website for discussion…”

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