7proera project is more detailed (but anyway draft variant) of Professional Education Monetization sphere, worked out by Boris Siomin, founder of Elven land and Levelnaut projects.

Let’s start from the definition. 7proera means “seven professions of new (quant) era”. Actually, here we are speaking not exactly about “seven professions” in the current understanding, but about “seven functions”, which can suit to any professional field or specialization.

As in Elven Land and Levelnaut we use both English and Esperanto terminology, so in this list they are presented in two variants also:

Creator – Kreinto
Adapter – Adaptilo
Launcher – Lancilo
Instructor – Instruisto
Tester – Elprovilo
Developer – Programisto
Innovator – Noviganto

This list doesn’t mean any “doctors, engineers or cooks”, but reference of each person to the certain professional function according with individual abilities.

Now I will try to explain each function in the simplest way.

Creator – a specialist, who creates new ideas, projects, technologies etc.
Adapter – a specialist, who selects this ideas and projects, who |lands| these projects and adapts them to the current world
Launcher – a specialist, who launches this ideas and projects
Instructor – a specialist, who trains testers in any field
Tester – a specialist, who works with the project or technology (no matter which one) daily
Developer – a specialist, who makes mass production, who works with new markets, trade/sell in opt
Innovator – a specialist, who analyzes mistakes and innovates the products and technologies

A question from crowd: – Who is, for example, cardio surgeon (current situation) working in the famous hospital?
Answer – He is a Tester. As he uses the existing technology daily.

A question from crowd: – Are all the specialists of the same level?
Answer: – No. 3 levels maybe used in this system. Mini (A person who works solo) Midi (a person who manages teams less then specialists), Maxi (a person who manages teams more then specialists)
That means levels of creators can be as follows:
Cmn, Cmd, Cmx

A question from crowd: How does the title of creator, who manages the team of less then 10 other creators?
Answer – Cmd. If you are asked – what is your profession? – The answer is – I am a Cmd

A question from crowd: And what about the “profession” in its current understanding?
Answer – Now it is the subject of certification and specialization.

Title “Cmd” is possible to get only in one of the Professional certification centers (PCC).

A question from crowd: How can I get the first level Cmn in cooking for example?
Answer – You should be examined by three Cmd (randomly selected by the given PCC). The age, previous experience, skills etc. are not taken into account. Just the date of certification.

A question from crowd: So, What about school education in this case?
School will be the place, where children will spend time with interest, developing their skills and every personality will be taken into account from the point of view of 7proera system

A question from crowd: So, what will be the main insitution to irganixe all this system?
Certification centers of different levels (depending on the stuff, reputation etc.) will be responsible for all that.

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