Professional Education Monetization

The title of this publication seems a little strange, but if you read my article, which is called School Monetization, then a lot immediately becomes clear. And judging by the responses and likes, it was the School Monetization article that caused the most serious reaction not only from my readers or ordinary educators, but also from businessmen, investors and representatives of the crypto industry.

If you think that everything is over with this article, then you are deeply mistaken, and for this reason, for a long time, there were no publications on this topic at all. The fact is that over the past year, the most thorough preparatory work has been going on, the result of which may be a real revolution in the field of education. Yes, yes, it is in the very area in which nothing new has been happening for hundreds of years, not to mention any kind of monetization.

The article School Monetization aroused such great interest among readers that it was in it that the proposal to replace the “sacred cow”, that is, the existing education system, was first voiced. However, the article itself did not offer any specific options for a completely understandable reason – these options have not yet been developed. Today we can say that a very interesting system already exists, which may well be accepted everywhere.

This system can become not only a new social impetus, but in fact a real revolution in the field of traditional and professional education. In the period of transition to the era of quantum computers and the widespread use of artificial intelligence, it becomes especially important. Moreover, this system can be monetized in a completely different way, so it is even more interesting.

As you may already know, over the past year, the initiative group of the Elven Land and Levelnaut projects has been preparing to enter the global crypto market. Moreover, this event has already taken place and the first 14 TRX10 and TRX20 tokens were created on the TRON blockchain. However, then, we decided to abandon the use of the TRON blockchain and switch to the more popular blockchain BSC (binance blcokchain), the main token of which BNB today confidently occupies the third line in the world ranking of cryptocurrencies, following Bitcoin and Ethereum.

It was a difficult time for the entire initiative group, many costly experiments were carried out, the stuff of participants changed significantly, but in the end everything worked out and at the beginning of the new 2022 a new Elven Land project was launched on the Internet, and in February of the same year it will be announced the official organization of a startup registered in the Israeli city of Haifa.

The new project international team has already been practically formed, it is headed by CEO Hemanth Kumar (India). More detailed information will be presented on the website, and the news of the project can be followed using a special informational online publication In addition, the second level of this project, which is called Levelnaut, has already been developed, in which, as well as in Elven Land the creation of 26 independent cryptocurrencies is envisaged.

Well, now, a little insider information about the one mentioned in the title of this article. At the moment, a new system of traditional and vocational education has been developed, which will be tested exactly at Levelnaut. This system provides for all 7 (!!) professions, which quite possibly will represent the entire professional market during the transition to the quantum era. You can try to guess what these professions will be, how traditional vocational training will take place, what level system will be used in it, how certification will take place, etc. Moreover, if you have your own ideas and want to take part in the development or investment, you can do it at a very early stage.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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