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This information is published mostly for Elven Land groups and chat members, but anyone can follow it too. We don’t share the news very often, but it doesn’t mean that EL administration doesn’t work. Many things are going on “behind the scene”, So all that means, that we are not a HYIP, but just usual online company with detailly worked out road map, milestones, deadlines and stuff. So, I will start sharing the news from this point exactly. I mean official news.

  1. As it was reported earlier, we are planning to open the first Elven Land office. The first office will be opened in September. I have already checked a few places, and even have chosen one. But still we have some more time before official opening and still looking and checking the suitable variants. The only one thing I can tell you for sure – the first EL office will be placed in Carmel region, in Haifa (Israel). By the way, mount Carmel is mentioned a few times in Bible and maybe Jesus Christ visited it too. To start a project from this place is a kind symbolically, isn’t it?
  2. What does it mean for us enthusiasts – official opening? It means a lot. We will have all the necessary documents to many activities. I will not count them all, but mention just one of them. Starting from this point, we will be able to sell our project cryptocurrencies not online only, but offline, to usual “alive” customers too and give them bills for their buying.
  3. In our centers and offices (which will be later opened all over the world) will be also taught English and Crypto, as many people will need it. I mean not only the current crypto situation (low rates, but supposing to go up as it usually happens), but political situation too. The war between Russia and Ukraine will soon bring us a lot of former Soviet Union citizens, who will be interested in crypto and blockchain, but in this case English will be mandatory for them. Though the manpower market is big, there are a lot of talented people and many of them are crypto enthusiasts. Education sphere is the zone of responsibility of Lerta team, so – you should catch the hint.
  4. As you know, we have a few websites, beside official ElvenLand.com So, next week Levelnaut.com will be transformed into big news portal with the categories – Space, Technology, Medicine, Society, Crypto and Online Education. All actual news will be commented, observed and quoted here. ElvenLanders, who will publish posts and articles there will be rewarded with Tasko coin, launching of which is preparing by developer team. The same about our Elven Land news website Elvenlander.com
  5. Don’t forget, that we are still working with candidates to the main stuff team and have tons of negotiations almost every day. Today, for example, we will have negotiations too and soon CEO will inform you about it in our groups (the link to the main Telegram group I will remind now https://t.me/elvenlandstate for everyone interested. Also you may contact CEO @Hemanth333 (Hemanth Kumar) about it.

So, as you see, we are moving on step by step and we will never stop moving. I was hlad to share these information with you.

Boris Siomin.

Elven Land founder

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