How to earn in LEEnjoy?

OK, now you have started to ask this question and it is a very good signal. It means that you have got enough interested and are ready to move on. But before going on reading, mind one important thing – now we will speak about ONLY ONE possibility of making money on LEEnjoy and there are a lot of other possibilities in Elven Land project, as LEEnjoy is only one part of it.

So, from this article you have understood how to learn, how help people to learn, and how to make your own blog in a one niche. Probably, you have also understood how to het free and to buy courses to increase your skills and how to sell paid courses. But how to earn money for starting your own website with good landing page?

The answer is – very easy. You should contact CEO of Elven Land Hemanth Kumar @Hemanth333 (Telegram) or FB, write articles for our news websites (, and and get paid for them. It is absolutely easy to write an article of 1000 characters. You should take the real actual news from real media source and using free paraphrasing bot or program to write a new original content using quotation of the most interesting lines as well. You will get 1 dollar or crypto equivalent for this 5 minutes job. Sound interesting, right?

But that is not all. Taking part in one of our working groups on Telegram, Facebook or Linkedin mentioned in this article, and helping other members of Elven Land community, you will also get comments, likes, reposts and promotion.

So, don’t waste time, subscribe to our news websites, join our community working groups and you will get other, absolutely perfect opportunities to earn and to succeed.

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