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In the picture you can see just one of the presents, that you can get after registration at LinguaLift (find in this list). There are much more others, so just read a few words from weekly newsletter of LinguaLift.

Review your progress

While you are making your weekly study plan on Sundays, take a few minutes to review your progress from the week before. This will help you define your study routine, and stay focused on your goals.

Weekly Challenge
Plan a trip to the country of your target language. Make a list of words and phrases you would need for your first week there and practice some dialogue.


A community to find scripts for popular videos, such as TedTalks. That is, you can download the text of the same video in different languages.

Blog Post
9 Things Bilingual People Do. Hope you enjoy

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Language Learning Secrets
We are a community of language learners and teachers . I created this group to help as many people as possible learn the language of their choice. We share strategies, study techniques, resources, offer support, and discuss the best ways to learn languages. Hope to see you there!

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