Spencer’s from Podia instruction

If you had read our recommendations about work with LEENjoy project, you would have noticed that we recommend not only WordPress platform for your educational/online-learning blog, but Podia as well. At least, you can find Podia in the list of platforms we work with.

Today we have got an e-mail from Spencer Fry, CEO and founder of Podia, with detailed instruction. Now we are glad to share with you this information.

Why does building a great-looking website always feel harder than it needs to be?

If you’ve fiddled with website builders before, you’ve experienced the frustration of blocks suddenly jumping around the page, struggling to change basic formatting of a template, or just generally wishing that everything would just work the way it’s supposed to.

Podia’s website builder is designed to be the opposite of all of that. Here’s how it works:

  • You click to add a section
  • You choose which section you want to add
  • You add your text, colors, images, anything you want

The sections are pre-built for you, but there’s so much variety that you can make your website look like whatever you want.

We’ve talked to creators who were about to pay a ton of money for a custom website, and then wound up just building their website on Podia in an afternoon.

This guide (with a 4 minute video tutorial) is the fastest way to get started on your website.

But I also wanted to share this page of examples. These examples come from Podia creators like you, mostly people who built the websites on their own (with no website building experience).

Hopefully you can find some inspiration as you build your website!

Spencer Fry, CEO and founder of Podia

We hope, that Spencer’s information was a helpful one. So, don’t waste time and visit Podia or WordPress to build your own educational/online-learning blog.

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