How to get 50% discount at Busuu

Frankly, everyone can get such a discount for Premium account at Busuu. Every new user will get such a newsletter and such an offer. But… The matter is – limit of time. This offer is active a short period only.

So, now you are ready to get one and it is not a secret anymore. Just a few more details. Usually the picture about discount goes together with countdown. And the text may be as follows:

50% off ends at midnight tonight

Hello Busuu User (your name),

We get it. Every day brings a new list of tasks to complete. But what if we told you that by spending just a fraction of your day learning foreign language (chosen by you) you’ll get to fluency faster?

Busuu Premium enhances your learning experience with Smart Review, a personalized Study Plan and allows you to connect with native speakers who can offer support as well as corrections.

(And here goes the link to the discount with the text “Get 50% off Premium”)

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