Teachable helps you earn money

Teachable is one of the multi platforms, presented at our LEEnjoy online learning catalog. By the way, today a few more platforms were added to this list.

So, Teachable claims, that it helps you earn money. How? Very good question. Let’s see what Teachable says about it in one of the last newsletters.

Let’s build business together

We’re Teachable, and our mission is simple: to help you make money online by sharing what you know.

Find your profitable topic

We’ll guide you through creating a service that people will pay for. Whether you want to start by selling your time as a consultant or by packaging your knowledge into a course, we’ll help you decide which direction is right for you.

Outline your course and set the right price

There are people out there who are waiting for the knowledge and perspective only you can offer. We’ll show you how to outline a course that will provide those soon-to-be students with a true transformation. We’ll even show you how to set your pricing.

Then, when you’re ready to publish, upload your content into our easy-to-use platform. We’ll help you create your sales page so you can start making sales—or even pre-sell your course while you’re still building it.

The benefits of Teachable start as soon as you sign up. Not sure yet what you’re going to create? Still building your content? We’re here to guide you through it. In fact, thousands of creators have found success on Teachable with our support. Click the link below to see some examples of what they’ve created.

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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