Coursera adds professional Meta courses

Multi training platform Coursera, which could be found in LEEnjoy “best choice category”, has added this week a few professional courses with certificates from Meta network. But very a few people know about it. We are glad to share this information with our subscribers. Now a few more details. from Coursera.

“…Earlier this month, Meta launched its highly anticipated Front-End Developer Professional Certificate and Back-End Developer Professional Certificate on Coursera. These new entry-level Certificates require no previous experience or education and teach job-ready skills for an in-demand career in ~7 months. Upon completion, both Certificates provide access to the Meta Career Programs Job Board, a job search platform that connects completers with 200+ employers who have committed to sourcing talent through Meta’s certificate programs, and career support resources. These exciting launches pave the way for entirely new paths into the in-demand fields of front-end and back-end development and are worth sharing with your audience.

Meta Front-End Developer Professional Certificate

This 9-course program, designed by the software engineering experts at Meta, prepares learners for a career as a front-end developer. The program teaches in-demand coding skills using CSS, JavaScript, HTML5, Bootstrap, React, and Figma in addition to design skills for building professional page layouts. Learners will build portfolio projects to demonstrate their learning and receive coding interview support.

Meta Back-End Developer Professional Certificate

This 10-course program, designed by the software engineering experts at Meta, prepares beginner-level learners for an entry-level career as a back-end developer. The Certificate teaches Python Syntax, Linux commands, SQL and MySQL, Django web frameworks, and programming problem solving skills. Learners will build a professional portfolio to demonstrate their learning and prepare for technical interviews for back-end developer roles…”

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