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Maybe not all of you know, that today is a World Youth Day. So Alison multi Training Platform reminds about it and makes a very hot offer.

Today we celebrate the importance of giving the next generation the chance to advance their skills. At Alison, we firmly believe that everyone should have access to free and quality education, so check out the courses below and celebrate with us!

Want to learn about World Youth Day? Read attentively the following information.

World Youth Skills Day 2022

Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders. The youth make up a significant percentage of the world’s population. This stark reality emphasises how important it is to shape, equip, and embrace their place in society knowing that it is them that will carry the successes and failures we create today. In the not-too-distant future, the older generation will be passing on the baton to young people to carry. What we’re all coming to realise is that the youth have to constantly adapt to the fast-changing world. They need to adopt necessary skills that will make the world liveable not just for them but future generations. World Youth Skills Day 2022 is a day that aims to embody this truth and rallies everyone globally to give them what they need to keep the fire burning.

What Is World Youth Skills Day?

Eight years ago in 2014, the United Nations (UN) made an announcement that every year on 15th July, the world would celebrate World Youth Skills Day. The goal of this day is to highlight the importance of the essential skills that are needed for the youth as they enter employment and pursue entrepreneurship. The day further provides its stakeholders, partners, businesses, development organisations, employers, and many others, to come together to raise awareness, open dialogue. This day creates an environment where the youth can acquire skills that will make them employable and employers. Furthermore, it serves to develop partnerships and strengthen sustainable development goals. This year’s theme is “Transforming youth skills for the future”.

The Significance of World Youth Skills Day

World Youth Skills Day, like many other days marked around the globe, is set to remind us of its value.

This day highlights the ever-increasing need to pour into and equip young people with essential skills that will shape the future.
It further provides opportunities for individuals, communities, and organisations to offer support to the young people around them. This can be achieved by creating training sessions, job fairs, mentorships, and work where they can develop and enhance their skills.
It also serves as a reminder that children and young people need access to learning valuable skills is their right. And we should all endeavour to provide platforms where this learning can take place.

What Crucial Skills Are Needed By The Youth?

The world is changing. There is a large skills gap that is causing many youths to fall through the cracks and get left behind with the changing world. However, young people are resilient and are built with the ability to question, assess, evaluate, and discover not just the issues, but the solutions to resolve many of the issues facing the world. To do this optimally and effectively, they require a wider arc of skills to succeed.

Interpersonal skills
Financial literacy
Digital literacy and technology skills
Media literacy
Soft skills
Collaboration and teamwork
This list is by no means exhaustive. Instead, it indicates the most cited and required skills for youth entering any industry or for success as an entrepreneur.

How Alison Is Supporting World Youth Skills Day

The UN and its supporting bodies recognize the numerous challenges facing the youth. Their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), adopted by the UN in 2015, were a call to action to the world to work together to end poverty, protect the world and help make peace and prosperity a reality for all by 2020. Education is one route that can propel this change.

Alison is dedicated to empowering individuals of every age and background. We believe that by offering access to free courses around a range of subjects, we can reduce the burden of poverty, offer critical solutions to personal, economic and career growth, and highlight creativity and innovation amongst others. We are committed to helping achieve these goals with focused alignment in the below areas:

No poverty
Quality education
Gender equality
Decent work and economic growth
Industry, innovation, and infrastructure
Reduced inequalities
Sustainable cities and communities
The youth, as key drivers and future leaders, play a pivotal role in remaining informed, engaged, and skilled to meet the 2030 goals.

Transitioning from school to the workplace is not always smooth. You’re discovering who you are, ways of working, how you work, your strengths, weaknesses, abilities and learning what else you need to improve in business and personal settings. We have a Workplace Personality Assessment that can help you discover all of these and recommendations of courses we have to get you there. Because YOUth matters.

Just a few courses that Alison proposes to enroll today.

Become a Manager
Diploma in Business Process Management
Transformational Leadership
Diploma in Business Administration
Start Your Business
The Elements of Entrepreneurial Success
Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurship: Creating the Business
People Skills
Leadership Skills and Team Management
Effective Business Communication
Dealing With Difficult People In Life & Work
Vocational and Technical Training
Diploma in Plumbing Studies
Diploma in Dog Grooming
Electrical Trade

Enroll today at Alison

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