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Today we meet you with Cheryl Pettaway, the main hero of success story from
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A lot of people want to start a new career.

But feeling confident in your abilities and getting your foot in the door when you don’t have experience can be difficult.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Take our student Cheryl Pettaway from Tuskegee, Alabama for example:

Before taking our class on being a death doula, she didn’t realize just how much she felt called to that line of work.

“Some things choose us…and it just takes us a little while to gain the experience to notice what our true calling is in life.

And so it was for me…Death Doula sounds a bit morbid – however, in essence, it truly is a calling. Thank you for offering a certificate in the very essence of my being!

The flexibility (of the course) made it perfect…thank you for being here IAP Career College! Having a certificate in-hand is 75% of what I do!”

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