Meet Boris Siomin

As I was the first to propose the idea about Online Learners Catalog, so I will be the first to answer the questions and to get this way to the catalog. So, let’s go.

1. What can you tell about yourself?

My name is Boris Siomin. I consider myself a happy and a positive man, successfully realizing my plans and ideas. As it is written on my Facebook page. I always try in my life to follow two important concepts like creativity and positive. And I’m calm. They are the main instruments of God, or whatever we call him. Therefore, my main goal and the meaning of my life is to go on following these concepts too.

2. What do you think about online education?

Oh, I like online education. No, better to say, I adore online education. By profession I am an English teacher, but the major part of my knowledge I got online and not in my university. I have finished so many online courses, that can easily make wallpapers at home by them. Thankfully to online education, besides teaching online I achieved really not bad results. Currently, I am founder of crypto project Elven Land, CEO of LEEnjoy, webmaster of Levelnaut, marketer, copywriter, couch etc. I speak 7 languages but continue increasing my skills and learn the eight (Arabic) language.
With my great pleasure, I learnt not only subjects, which can be useful for my professional activity, but just are interesting to me.

3. What is more important to you – money or knowledge?

No doubts, my choice is knowledge. Knowledge – it is something that always with you, no matter what situation you got in, no matter what situation is around you and in the world in the whole. I happily invest into my knowledge and feel much more confident.

4. How do you prefer to spend your leisure time?

Frankly, I don’t have much spare time. But I enjoy online learning and it is possible to say, that it is the best of my leisure time. Sometimes I play strategy online games, which help activate my brains, especially in the early morning.

5. What recommendations can you give to the beginning online learner?

I would like to recommend two important things – diversification and combination in getting the new skills and knowledge. I don’t trust the current system of “traditional” system education. I consider it an absolute waste of time. Even among my university course mates, let’s say “are stayed in profession” only 2 or 3 from 50. But I studied there much time ago and since that the situation became only worse. Technology progress makes study programs of universities almost useless, because they delay significantly from society demands. Old fashioned teachers sometimes mix zoom and zoo, not even saying about using all online possibilities. And to my mind, only online education, only completely u[dated and certificated regularly specialists can cope with actual educational tasks.

So, be very careful, follow to your mind, choose exactly those subjects, which are really interesting to you. Don’t be afraid to pay for thу suitable courses, consider this payment as investment into yourself, into your wealth. As a rule, paid courses, are more professional and useful. Follow the news in the manpower market and be ready to learn ALL YOUR LIFE.

Sincerely Yours, Boris Siomin.

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