Online Education – The way to Personal Independence

It was always strange for me. I couldn’t understand why people invest money into iron, stones and wood. Pandemics, wars, financial defaults easily transform such people into homeless and poor. Moreover, to my mind the richer you are the higher danger of surrounding you “relatives and friends” to get a part of your property, or even to wish your quickest death.

To my mind, each person should have enough money for his everyday life needs. Everything else is imposed on us by advertising. competition in show-offs etc.

I will not go into philosophy deeply now, that is not the main reason of my post. I just want to recommend one way to Personal Independence actual in every time and every place. It is obvious, If you are a good specialist in something, or have a few useful skills, you will always have “a piece of bread” and a perfect anti-depression treatment.

Nowadays it is not necessary to spend years at universities in order to be a demanded specialist in society. Practically everyone in the world has now personal mobile phone and that means, that every person can get suitable education or necessary skills. It is also much cheaper, less time taking and much more interesting.

But the most important is that every time you get a new skill, you become more independent.

Just think it over, guys.

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