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For me it is really funny when people can not find some IT or language courses (no matter free or paid) on internet. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of such online courses.

Much more interesting to me is to tell you at LEENjoy about demanded in the market, but not so obvious courses.

Today I will share with you some information about Tattoo courses, represented by Alison multi training platform.

Tattoo Basics for Beginners

This course is ideal for anyone who wants to learn tattoo artistry from scratch. Explore basic tattooing machines and different needles including their various uses. We will discuss the equipment a tattoo artist needs in their workshop for expert tattooing services as well as how to handle clients. Sign up for this introductory tattoo course today – no registration or subscription fees!

This free online course is specially designed for people interested in tattooing, art and design. It deals with the basics of tattooing and it is good for people who want to learn to tattoo from scratch. It covers basic tattooing machines and needles and their uses as well as how a tattoo artist handles his or her clients. We will practice tattooing on oranges and bananas because you do not need expensive tattoo kits before you start tattooing.

This course will explain professional equipment and machines, and cheap machines. Tattoo designing, handbook tattoos and how to rebuild tattoo guns are also covered at a beginner level.\nNext, we will discuss the equipment a tattoo artist needs in his or her workshop before they can start tattooing. A good start can be tricky if you lack knowledge of the best tattoo equipment for beginners.

A tattoo machine is a hand-held device generally used to create a tattoo. The machine used in this course is a coil machine, which runs through a magnetic field. You will also need a needle as they are the most useful instruments to draw lines and shades for tattoos. Tattoo needle types include liners, shaders and magnums. Selecting the right needle is the difficult part of the process and can be confusing for beginners who are not familiar with each type of needle and its uses.

You will also see why the ink used for tattooing is mostly outlining ink. The most important thing is that you use good colour because the colour is what is being implanted into people\u2019s bodies. Learn about the functions and importance of grips and tubes for a tattoo artist. For the purpose of this course, we will use metal tips but you will learn how to use different tattoo equipment by taking this course.\nThis course answers questions on how to prevent cross-contamination, the use of gloves and other protective equipment, and how to disinfect surfaces.

One of the most important points in cross-contamination is to understand basic hygiene standards because you will not want to contaminate one person with another person, which can happen when you tattoo more than one person with the same machine and needle. You will learn why you should use latex gloves and disinfectant to wipe surfaces when tattooing.

Finally, we will discuss how to set up an efficient workspace. Learn why tables are important for a workspace, especially small tables that can be moved around. Study how you can wrap the full bench and the sides when tattooing someone as a form of hygiene to prevent contamination. This course is for beginner tattoo artists and anyone interested in becoming a tattoo artist. By the end of this course, you will have a basic understanding of how to set up a tattoo workspace. Sign up for this course today and begin your next learning journey!”

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