How to find courses at LEEnjoy?

Yesterday one girl asked about HR courses. It is OK, we get hundreds of such questions daily. and as it was on facebook we addressed her to our LEENjoy page there.

But it is very also very important to use this page the right way and to search the needed course or anything else effectively. So, here are a few tips, which will help you a lot with this.

1. Before going to LEENjoy page, try to formulate clearly what course, subject, profession or specialization you are lookin for.

2. Prepare the right keywords for searching on training platforms.

3. Go to LEEnjoy page and start searching from multi-training platforms. The courses you see in the picture were easily found with the keyword “hr” on Alison, Coursera, Lorman and Udemy multi training platforms.

4. We recommend to create a special folder in Favorites of your gadget (PC, notebook, phone etc.) with the name “Course” or any other, where you will save all the found and suitable variants.

5. Don’t remove paid variants, as when you finish some free of them you will for sure would like to continue and improve your skills and in this case more professional courses will be the right solution.

6. If you get to the advertising page of each platform first read it (because sometimes there could be found very significant discounts for new users) and then just delete the advertising page “tail” in the browser line and leave just the main domain name like “”

7. If you haven’t found the exact name of the course, try to find something close to that or search on another platform.

8. Follow the updates of LEEnjoy page, because we constantly add the most suitable information.

Good luck!

If you have any questions about LEEnjoy project, you can find the answers here LEEnjoy FAQ

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