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Good news. We have so many Language training platforms at LEENjoy, that it was necessary to create a s[ecial page on the website called LEARN LANGUAGES. Now you can see it in the main menu of Levelnaut website.

Second good news. One of the world famous language training platform called Preply joined our project and we place at the main list to this platform.

Now we would like to tell a few words about Preply and share just one story of success.

In 2012, Preply was created to showcase to the world what good language learning looks like.

But beyond computer screens and language lessons, you might be wondering who the people behind Preply really are. Well, the answer is simple: a truly lovely bunch! We call each other Preplers, and we have one common vision: shaping the future of effective learning. And when it comes to reaching our goals, we are unstoppable.

Great products are only built by great people. Since Preply’s creation, our team has gathered more than 300 people and 35 nationalities.

Here is just one success story shared by Tom Cox to motivate LEEnjoy followers and subscribers.

Case study: How Preply’s English classes helped me relocate to New York

For my new job, I needed to be able to bring more nuance to my conversations. Now, I’m calmer when I take part in large meetings with other managers who come from the UK.

With more than 6 years of experience at Vermeg, Marc has seen the company evolve from strength to strength. Recently, their rapid growth opened up an exciting opportunity to relocate to New York City. Marc approached his manager about the possibility of working in “The Big Apple,” and they agreed it would be a great move for both Marc and Vermeg. There was just one problem: Marc wasn’t confident with his English skills.

Marc’s company reached out to Preply, who run business language training programs using 1:1 tutoring over video chat. Marc’s tutors put together structured learning plan on English for career development that combined a methodology developed by language experts, business English conversation practice, and a student-centered approach. This plan was tailored towards his global career path and developing language skills that would help him further his professional goals in the global marketplace.

Here’s Marc’s story on how he took his English language skills and career to the next level by taking lessons on Preply.

Why did you choose to learn English?

I told my boss that I would like to move to New York. The company had opportunities for additional business in the area, and they needed some e-transfer specialists like me. We are developing business in a lot of different regions, and managers often propose opportunities for us to move to branches of the company in different locations.

My boss and I knew that I would be meeting a lot of native English speakers, so we decided that I had to improve my English. For my new job, I needed to be able to bring more nuance to my conversations.

Did you know some English before taking lessons on Preply?

I have spoken English for a long time, but it was always “International English.” When I worked in Russia and in Turkey, a lot of my colleagues spoke it, but it was usually “bad” English since there were no native English speakers in the discussion.

Before that, I learned English when I was young. I began studying it as a teenager while I was in Belgium, my home country, and also took some lessons at university. At that point, I had quite a good base level. However, I had also spent a lot of time working in Germany, so I was focused on learning German for several years. During my first years in the company, I completely stopped studying English and focused on German instead.

In my new job, we work in English, so we write in English a lot, and host a lot of meetings in English. I also have some contact with professionals from the UK. I learned the language a long time ago! I needed to bridge some gaps and become more fluent.

I requested to have some English training. After a wait, I received an email from the training department, and they said “yes, your training is accepted, you just have to connect to Preply.” I never heard of Preply before, so I had to look into it. I thought “I’m not so young, I’m not a specialist in finding my way through this kind of new platform…”

How has English tutoring helped with your career development?

It took me some time to get used to Preply in the beginning. The first action I took on the app was a test to define my level of English. It was really fun and easy, so that set things off in a satisfying way. Then I just scheduled the first lesson with a teacher.

I enjoy the lessons with the tutors I have had. My first Preply tutor taught me how to discuss things in English. I can speak about IT — that’s easy for me — but when I move onto a different topic, I have some difficulties speaking. She spoke to me and she corrected me sometimes, so I took five lessons with her. The discussion was very interesting, but eventually, I wanted to get more academic. I decided to try a new teacher. The second teacher I found reviewed the Preply test with me, helped with my pronunciation, and corrected me more often, so it was very interesting.

The main benefit of studying with Preply is flexibility because I had a big problem trying to find study time around my many meetings. I am able to schedule lessons myself. Sometimes I have plans so I change my lesson a few days beforehand. My priority is always to make time for my clients, after all.

What have been some of the results so far?

I try to keep the intensity in my learning, I don’t ever use Preply for less than two hours per week. You have to keep this speed, this frequency because then you see very quick improvement every day. You see your skills come back — you alter your mind to speak better English.

Now, I’m calmer when I take part in large meetings with other managers who come from the UK. When I speak, I know that my English isn’t bad, so I have more confidence. I am understood, and I know which words and phrases to pay attention to with my pronunciation. One month ago it was difficult for me to read an article but now I can do it because I remember a lot more words.

I am nearly convinced to pay for my children to use this kind of application. It’s fully flexible, fully open. You use your budget as you want, you can specify the kind of teacher you want. There are a lot of tutors available — it’s impossible not to find a teacher who can help you improve your English!


Whether you’re currently undergoing a job search, have a job interview and would like to boost your interview skills, or are considering relocating with your current company, an experienced, personalized tutor can work wonders for your career. English skill is one of the most valuable professional commodities in the job marketplace, and now you can build these skills from the comfort of your home and on your own schedule.

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