Alison celebrates Nature Day

Weekend is always a good time for thinking over personal development. We always on LEENjoy share coupons on this day and a little bit later you will get them all.

But before that we invite you to celebrates Nature Day with Alison online learning platform.

It’s Nature Conservation Day!

On this day, we celebrate the efforts of those working nonstop to save our environment, reduce climate change, clean up garbage, and so much more!

We’ve only got one Earth, so keeping it healthy and clean is one of the most important tasks.

So, if you’re passionate about the environment, check out the courses below and explore an eco-friendly life and career!

We invite you to the following courses:
– Environmental Sustainability
– Introduction to Forest Management
– Environmental Energy Calculations
– Wind Turbines & Grid Integration
– Environmental Management Systems
– Growing Organic Foods Sustainably
– Diploma in Solar Energy
– Climate Change – The Science
– Environmental Circular Economy
– and many others

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