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Social media has made it easier for brands to reach and connect with large audiences. But, despite the enormous value that it holds for marketers, brands must consider social media as one component of a larger, integrated digital marketing strategy.

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How exactly does a social media strategy fit into an overall marketing strategy? Unlike any other communication methodology that has come before, social media marketing has changed the fundamental nature of the relationship between brand and consumer. Social media has allowed brands to form and nurture relationships with their consumers in a genuine, real-time manner.

This two-way exchange has forced marketers to think and operate differently in the social space. However, social media is usually just one component of an overall digital strategy that could include email marketing, online reputation management, public relations, pay-per-click advertising, or search engine optimisation.

However, social media marketing is not a solo act. It’s best thought of as part of a band. That’s right: a band. A digital strategy is usually just one component of an overall marketing strategy that could include print advertising, radio broadcasting, and in-store promotions. Bearing this in mind, it’s clear that an integrated strategy, reflecting overall brand identity, is a necessity.

A brand can run competitions and giveaways online using its social media platforms, which then result in an offline prize. For example, by hosting a selfie competition on an Instagram account, which then results in the winning photo being used in a more traditional marketing campaign, such as a magazine ad or in a brochure.


Using your social media platform as the method of inviting customers to events is far easier and more effective than handing out flyers or paying for printed ads. Sharing updates leading up to the event, posting behind-the-scenes videos, help create anticipation and a buzz around the event.


Most social media platforms now offer a wide variety of advertising options, such as boosted posts, sponsored stories, promoted tweets, etc. These ads can act as a key vehicle for traffic to places like your website, online shopping pages, and mailer subscription forms.

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