Diploma in Interior Design

It is very hard task to count all the courses, represented by different multi training platforms at Levelnaut website as there are thousands of them.

But we promised our followers and subscribers to introduce from time to time at least some of them, the most interesting. Today we will go to Alison training platform and meet you with Interior Design course.

This free online diploma course explores interior design and trains you to professionally decorate building interiors.

This diploma course provides an overview of interior design as a discipline and career. We delve into topics like project planning and client communication to help you ground your new understanding of design principles in practical business lessons. We explain how to work with color and make the most of surface materials, textures, textiles, accessories, furniture, art and more. This diploma course suits anyone who wants to make rooms beautiful.

This diploma course teaches you everything you need to know to launch a career in interior design. We cover the artistic side of the job and outline the practical business issues you need to consider to start your own business or work on a freelance basis.

The course begins by introducing you to key aspects of project planning and client communication. We demonstrate how to employ color to make the best use of surface materials and textures. We then show you how to work with textiles and accessories and how to find and select the right furniture to make the most of the available space.

We provide practical instructions and demonstrations to help you grasp important design principles and factors to consider when working with a particular space. While our emphasis is on residential spaces, the course also suits those looking to design commercial interiors. We can help you to turn a passion for decor into a career as you learn how to turn building interiors into works of art. Each room can be a canvas awaiting your hand so sign up to become an interior designer.

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