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You have got already the answer to the question “Which course to choose?” And it was added to the Knowledge Base of LEENjoy project. It’s OK with users now, but what about companies?

Why companies choose, for example Coursera ae a tool of education and training?

Leading LATAM Companies Choose Coursera to Help Prepare for New Digital Economy

By Renzo Casapía, Head of Enterprise, LATAM Sales

Businesses are innovating at a faster rate than ever before, placing a premium on high-demand digital skills in AI, machine learning, and cloud computing, among others. This is a major challenge for organizations throughout LATAM, with 50% of companies in the region struggling to find workers with the right skills.

Some global companies such as Arcos dorados , BNP Paribas AT&T, HSBC have signed up for Coursera for Business since the start of this year. Coursera is helping organizations across all industries deliver the job-relevant skills training needed for their employees to succeed in the workforce of the future.

The global telecom and digital services market, for example, is expected to be valued at $2.5 trillion by 2028, and continued investments in deploying 5G wireless networks are a crucial growth driver. Leading telcos such as Claro Colombia, the largest provider of mobile phone services in the country, and Telecom Argentina, the leading company that offers connectivity, entertainment experiences and technological solutions throughout the country., are both partnering with Coursera to help employees develop high-demand digital transformation skills, data science and digital marketing.

“In Telecom Argentina we are evolving from being a traditional telco to consolidate ourselves as a digital company, developing new businesses and 100% digital solutions based on IOT, 5G, Fintech, entertainment and smarthome”, said Valeria Urbina, People Growth Manager of Telecom Argentina. This paradigm shift in our business necessarily implies a change in our culture, our mindset and the skills of our people. The depth and breadth of content on Coursera’s platform enables us to reskill employees in key roles across the organization to help meet the evolving needs of our business and deliver value to our more than 30 million customers in new ways.”

During the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies like Adium Pharma signed up with Coursera to help its workforce develop the essential skills needed to quickly develop and deliver diagnostic tests, treatments and vaccines at record-breaking speeds.

In the financial services industry, 14 million new digital jobs are expected to be created globally by 2025. Leading banks across LATAM including Banco de Chile, Bancolombia and BCP Perú are working with Coursera to upskill employees in key areas needed to fill these roles including software development, machine learning, AI, cloud computing, and cybersecurity.

In addition, rapid adoption of AI, data analytics, and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies is widening the skills gap in the oil and gas industry. Furthermore, large segments of an aging workforce will soon take critical skills and experience with them when they retire. Industry leaders such as Petrobras have partnered with Coursera to help upskill employees in these key areas to support digital transformation and carry the business into the future.

Coursera for Business now provides over 3,100 companies across the globe with role-based skills development featuring world-class content, hands-on learning, and the ability to track, measure, and benchmark skills through a single, unified platform. Recent platform innovations including LevelSets are helping employees to quickly determine their proficiency in key skills and identify areas to focus on moving forward, while giving organizations greater visibility and insights into employee skills and the skill gaps that exist. Coursera Clips, which offers over 10,000 bite-sized videos and lessons from the world’s leading companies and universities, are enabling companies to make in-demand skill development content more accessible to employees, allowing them to begin learning new skills in under 10 minutes. In addition, SkillSets are helping employees develop skills for specific jobs. These SkillSets are the building blocks for our portfolio of Academies, which offer a packaged learning experience based on the depth of skill needed for specific roles across an organization.

Between the historic levels of disruption seen over the past year and the resulting shift towards digital jobs, the need to upskill and reskill employees within the enterprise has never been greater. We look forward to ongoing collaboration with these organizations to deliver the skills development programs needed to thrive in the new digital economy.

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