What to study? Which course to choose?

Frankly, I don’t like all those kinds of online webinars. To my mind they only steal users’ time. Also, I think that webinar nowadays is just a tool of various mlm, hype shillers and all kinds of “couches”. Anyone can define himself whether interesting or helpful information is and think it over in suitable time. We are too busy to waste hours to webinars, where “leaders of fantastic projects” hope to get our money by means of different verbal persuading methods.
That is why, in my practice, I just share information and everyone can decide himself whether it is useful for him or not.

So, today, first of all I apply to LEENjoy followers as, the questions “What to study? Which course to choose?” are the most frequently asked by them.

So, guys, you have understood, that you don’t share information in your blogs and websites from your PERSONAL EXPERIENCE, you will never succeed. People interested in learning online or following any other your recommendation will not trust you in this case. Everything, that your recommend, all those nuances which you explain, should be based upon your own experience.

That is why, if you want to get paid you should be really professionals, specialist in a certain sphere, absolutely competent in a definite activity. In this case users will be glad to pay for saved efforts and time and you will get paid for your work. This is also the reason to choose not only free courses but paid too (and it is really not hard to earn money for any online course).

Now, let’s come closer to the subject of the article. So, if you have already chosen your profession, specialization or sphere of activity on internet – it is just perfect. Go on in this direction and increase or decrease the topic in your online resource. If not, I can recommend one highly demanded direction.

My recommendation is connected to online marketing, online promotion, online advertising and online developing. There are tons of new (and old, but promising) project, startups, products and teams, which can not succeed in online marketing. Yes, there are a lot of people calling themselves “marketers”, but if you ask them to make a detailed offer for 5 or 50 (500, 5000, 50000) dollars budget, they will fail. And if you give them this budget, they will just waste your money. So, good specialist in any kind of marketing (there are many!) are always very highly demanded.

Becoming such a specialist you will take your life under control and will stop selling your lives hourly for pennies.
That is my answer to the questions in this post title.

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