Coursera: Saving a struggling business

We often publish interesting stories of online learners at LEENjoy and even offer anyone to share his own experience in this sphere.

But today, we want to tell the story from Coursera multi training platform. It is the story by Tri Suseno, a businessman from Australia.


First of all a few words about the story-teller, taken from Australian Business News website.

Tri Suseno is the corporate advisor at Bethesda Health Care and managing director at Akamai Management Group. He is chair of Bethesda Health Care board’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee. Mr Suseno has extensive experience in business strategy, mergers and acquisitions, investments, corporate finance and organizational design. He has served clients in Australia and Asia in various industries including manufacturing, resources, fast moving consumer goods, real estate, technology and investment funds. Mr Suseno is a past winner of the 2012 Business News 40under40 award.

And now, the story itself.

The Wharton School’s Introduction to Operations Management course helped Australian learner Tri Suseno save his struggling business – and he’s since completed more than 20 other courses on Coursera. Here’s his story:

I am a businessman, and I own a few businesses. When a business I’d acquired encountered significant bottleneck issues, I was desperate to understand the source of the problem and the steps I needed to take to correct it. I’d read several popular, highly-recommended books, but they didn’t provide the insight our management team needed.

Around that time, I discovered Coursera, and I decided to enroll in a course on Operations Management from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. That course opened my eyes to the underlying problems in my business, and provided a framework to identify and address bottlenecks quickly. I worked through the course twice, and asked a few people on my management team to join me. We were ultimately able to apply the skills we learned to solve our business problem – in short, the concepts taught by that course helped save my business.

Since then, I’ve continued to take various courses on Coursera. I am quite adept at Matlab and Python programming thanks to the Machine Learning and Introduction to Interactive Programming in Python courses, and I have improved my negotiation skills significantly thanks to several wonderful courses on negotiation. All of these courses have been invaluable to my professional success and personal development, and have played an important role in helping me fill in missing pieces in my problem-solving frameworks.

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